Substance Painter是一款3D材质软件,可纹理制作,渲染和三维结合工作,使用该软件,可以使用一套完整的纹理工具,例如:PBR和粒子绘图,具有透明度控制的画笔,材质和智能蒙版的程序效果。

Substance Painter 2018视频展示

Substance Painter操作界面

Substance Painter是一款全新的3D设计,可为我们以前从未见过的现代游戏创建质感,该软件可作为最具创新性和用户友好的3D材质绘图之一,选择画笔,选择材质并根据需要进行编辑,然后开始绘画,每个动作一次应用于所有通道并立即渲染,还可以在4K分辨率下为每个地图设计网格中的多种材质。

Substance Painter 材质视频展示

Substance Painter 2018.3.2.2768更新日志:

Release date: 2019/01/24

Summary: hotfix with some new features
[Export] Allow export to USDZ
[Viewport] Allow to control the texture quality in the Display Settings
[Viewport] Added mip bias setting in Display Settings
[Viewport] Added anisotropic filtering in Display Settings
[plugins] Update official plugins to use the style of Substance Painter 2018
[License] Install license by default in a user folder

Crash linked to decompression
Add TAA on solo material
Noise with shadow, TAA and alpha test shader with dithering
Remove specular dithering for all classic PBR shaders
Crash in the shader settings in some cases
Scattering activation is not synchronized between OpenGL and Iray renders
Smudge and clone tools do not work anymore on specific meshes
Some texture sets can not appear in Iray render
Renamed Texture Sets are not saved after closing project
Wireframe artefacts when drag and dropping materials on ID maps
[Scripting] File path creation not forced when saving a project
[Scripting] Callback “onProjectAboutToSave()” doesn’t work anymore
Forum links broken in report bug window

Known Issues:
Computation freeze in some cases on AMD VEGA GPUs
Huion tablet issue with shortcuts on Windows OS



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  1. Substance Painter是一款3D材质软件,可纹理制作,渲染和三维结合工作,使用该软件,可以使用一套完整的纹理工具,例如:PBR和粒子绘图,具有透明度控制的画笔,材质和智能蒙版的程序效果。