3D Coat是一个三维建模和数字雕刻软件,跟Mudbox软件先类似,我们可以随时掌握创建完整的纹理和3D模型,3D Coat是建模师,游戏开发等设计员的所必要学的工具。

在3D Coat中有个比较先进的编辑器,他非常适合体素雕刻,SSS认为这些对专业人士可以创造任何复杂程度的细节,在软件中我们可以随时改变项目的布局,而不用担心拓扑的问题,他给我们最终带来作品的更上一层楼。

3D Coat v4.8.04更新日志:

– Fixed problem of baking sculpt shaders to paint room
– Fixed problem of texture preview when you edit shader.
– Bake menu in Paint room. It allows to drop paint objects to Sculpt room, modify there and bake normal/other maps back on paint object.
– Plane tool in paint room works correctly with normalmap layer.
– Sticky kays activation time increased to prevent false sticking.
– fixed problem of very long importing for PPP in some cases.