Creative推出的系列教程:AfterEffects 高级动态遮罩技术Advanced Rotoscoping Techniques for Adobe After Effects,主讲:Pete O’Connell,在这套超过2小时的教程中,将会以一种全新的方式来帮助你学习如何使用AE的所有工具,适用于初中级用户,内容为高级动态遮罩技术。Pete将会告诉你如何使用AE的运动追踪motion tracker来为你做更多的事··


. The basic steps used to set up a roto comp in AE. Useful keyboard shortcuts.
. Preference settings. Moving mask points using the keyboard. Moving groups of points using the transform box.
. The advantages and disadvantages of having your mask layer’s visibility turned either off or on.
. Tracking Fundamentals: how to motion track and what to watch out for.
. How to set up your tracking comp to get the most accurate track. Precomposing and color correcting.
. Examples of motion tracking a few points, from easy ones to difficult hand tracks.
. Stabilizing foreground objects for easier roto.
. Rotoscoping accurately with a minimum of keyframes.
. Matching roto masks with the original footage.
. Choosing good track points. Applying transforms to a solid.
. Making a shape to follow motion, without applying keyframes.
. Adding basic detail to roto masks.
. Using keyboard shortcuts to speed up the roto process.
. Finessing and finishing the roto mask.
. Incorporating the new right arm mask into the main matte comp.
. Bad roto alert!
. Using multiple masks and the transform box to roto out a complex object.
. Preparing to rotoscope by stabilizing the footage rather than the masked solid
. Inverting stabilization to align a mask with the original footage
. Using a secondary solid to avoid scaling distortion.
. Rotoscoping details.
. Using a secondary solid to avoid composition bounds problems.
. Rotoscoping using a 2 point track.
. Setting up an expression for 4 point cornerpin based roto.
. Using a 4 point cornerpin track.
. Saving mask shapes and transform keyframes as a consolidated .ffx file.