SSS曾经使用最频繁的Frischluft Lenscare插件,自从AE内置了镜头模糊插件之后,用的比较少,软件更新了,省的找对应的插件版本,省事省时,俩个各自有优缺点吧,Frischluft Lenscare是面向Adobe After Effects的一款插件,它包含两个独立的插件,out of focus 用来仿照镜头模糊,depth of field用来创立复杂的景深作用,比内置的Camera Lens Blur功用更加强大,模拟作用更佳。



Install files
Move all Lenscare plugins to your host applications plugin folder.If you have previous vesions installed please delete them first.In After Effects i.e. the plugin folder is a sub folder of After Effects named ‘Plug-Ins’. In Combustion the folder is named: ‘Plugins’.However these names may differ depending on the host programms language.

Install Key File
If you have purchased this software you have received a key file.Just place that key into the same folder the Lenscare plugins sit in to remove the demo restrictions! Please do not rename the keyfile! It needs to be named ‘Lenscare_ae.key’ !!!In older versions the keyfiles position has been requested by a dialog from the user. For compatibilties sake the file will still be loaded from that location. However it is recommended to place the keyfile into the same folder as the plugins. Otherwise problems might occur during network rendering!!!

Restart Host
After you have installed filters and key file please restart your host program.The filters will then show up in the filter menu under the name of Frischluft.


- changed naming scheme to 'FL Plugin Name' to avoid confusion with existing plugins

Demo: Demo

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