Atoms Crowd是Maya和Houdini的集群模拟插件,一个新的工具旨在使人群动画可供任何人使用,Toolchefs公司说Atoms Crowd只需点击几下就可以使模拟过程变得更容易。

Atoms Crowd v2.2.1更新日志

Features and improvements:

Added Agent Type Joint map dialog inside the menu Atoms→Tool to display the joint name/id of each agent type
Bug Fixes:

Batch mode: fixed atoms checkout in batch mode. Now it consume only an atomsprocedural license if there are only atoms proxy node inside the scene
Arnold: fixed missing shader (renderer in green) when there are multiple atoms proxy node with the same shape node name inside the scene
Agents layout: fixed wrong offset when using the move agent tool
Removed “No geo storage found” warnign when using an agent type without a skin geo
Fixed file permissions on the linuxs build

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