The foundry推出AE 3D跟踪插件CameraTracker以后,极短的时间内就获得了良好的口碑,完美结算摄像机运动,获取和变换运动数据,无需凭借 Boujou.这类跟踪软件,SSS觉得CameraTracke与AE CC更新的摄像机滤镜差不多,随便用哪款,仁者见仁智者见智吧!

CAMERATRACKER is the Foundry’s tool for camera tracking and match moving within Adobe After Effects.

The new release includes CS4 support, improvements to how CAMERATRACKER handles non-square aspect ratios, non-integer frame rates and long sequences, and lots of other good stuff.

Check the CAMERATRACKER for AE release notes for full requirements and to find out more or take our survey and win a free CAMERATRACKER


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