Navie XTrudy 1.0 是一个新的C4D的挤出插件,可以不规则的对边缘的多边形进行挤出,容易做出挤出动画····


Xtrudy is an alternative to the native Cinema 4D Extrude object which suffers greatly from bad boundary polygons describing the caps’ surface in subdivision mode. This makes it impractical for deformations or further manual editing. Xtrudy avoids this by creating caps with evenly distributed polygons, this allows correct deformations at the outlines. But that’s not all. It allows you to adaptively control the triangle size to get more triangles in areas of interest.


  1. 打开CINEMA 4D的偏好(快捷键:Ctrl + E)···
  2. CINEMA 4D的对话框打开,在底部有一个按钮,“打开偏好文件夹”···
  3. 在里面会发现一个文件夹命名为:插件····

Demo: Demo

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