Kendo Shaders v2.0是由cinemaplugins开发的C4D室内建筑随机纹理着色器插件,Kendo Shaders v2.0插件包括三个程序着色器和交互式的UV编辑工具,他们主要的工作是随机纹理和颜色,可以一个很大的帮助纹理工作流程···

1.Ninja – Color – (AKA instance colorizer) Is an advanced C4D channel shader gives you the ability to modify the coloring properties of instances, clones and particles, turning a single material into thousand or millions of different materials. For example the leaves of a tree can all be made to look slightly different, although they are based on just one material. This can add a new level of realism to your renderings, by making all instances of a given material render slightly differently, on every object they are used on. Hue,saturation, contrast and saturation and more, can be used to apply subtle changes that break up the monotone nature of shaders and textures.

2.Karate – Tiles – this advanced tiling shader can be used for walling flooring and a lot more.Bricking and grouting settings and full texture folder imports allow you to create realistic surfaces by spinning, flipping and modifying in bricked uv space. This channel shader can be used to avoid the repetitive nature of textures and tiles. Making an otherwise monotone texture built from tiled textures appear more natural.

3.Henkan – UV Transformer – An advance uv transformation shader for cutting out,distorting and correcting image segments.
4.+ Pikka – UV Transformer Tool – An interactive uv mapping tool for use with the Henkan shader.


  • Kendo Shaders fully replaces the Texture Remapping kit
  • Toos4d instance colorizer is now Called Ninja Color Shader


C4D R13, R14 ,R15 ,R16 & R17
MAC and PC 64bit
Includes Team Render Support
Installed on RebusFarm and RenderFeed

链接: 密码:jnhh

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