Complete Physics Platformer Kit是实现您的梦想游戏平台,具有动态PHYSICS DRIVEN角色互动,DRAG N DROP LEVEL DESIGN的即时结果以及使用SMOOTH,TIGHT CONTROLS的引人注目的游戏玩法!


NEW! 2D and 2.5D support at the click of a button! – Triple jump, bounce and slide across levels
– Advanced moving platforms and obstacles
– Rigidbody character Motor: no more ‘faking’ physics interactions!
– NEW! Enemy AI tools for land, sea, air + custom waypoint patrolling
– Dynamic world interaction: pickup, throw, push and grab objects
– Collectibles, checkpoints, bouncepads, water
– NEW! auto avoidance camera with water filter, mouse control and custom tracking
– Fully commented C# code and documentation

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