Final Cut Pro X提供了多种工具,范围和效果,可对所有素材进行色彩分级。

本课程旨在提供Final Cut Pro X色彩校正工作流程的全面概述,以便轻松操作和调整视频,教程演示了如何使用色板,色轮,色彩曲线和色调/饱和度曲线调整来校正色调,亮度,对比度,饱和度和色调,然后演示如何使用面罩进行二次校正,并用吸管分离颜色。


Final Cut Pro X offers a variety of tools, ranges, and effects that allow color grading of all materials.

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the Final Cut Pro X color correction workflow for easy manipulation and adjustment of the video. The tutorial demonstrates how to use swatches, color wheels, color curves and hue/saturation curve adjustments to correct hue, brightness, Contrast, saturation, and hue, then demonstrate how to use the mask for secondary correction and separate the colors with a straw.

Finally, learn how to create and save popular looks as presets, process raw and HDR videos,Lynda Final Cut Pro X Guru Color Correction and use specialized third-party plug-ins to eliminate noise and particles.