GEOlayers 2是IIIDEA用的比较多的脚本,因为在国内做地图的企业太多了,SSS没办法不掌握此脚本,它允许我们直接在After Effects中浏览和动画地图,它将After Effects连接到图像服务器以获取最新的地图,它还提供对世界各种地理空间特征的直接访问, 像这样,你可以轻松地绘制建筑物到After Effects的形状层,突出某些国家边界,街道,湖泊,河流,地方,标签区域,动画路线,挤压建筑物…

支持After Effects:CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015

GEOlayers 2 v1.2.4更新日志:

1.2.4 (Current version) – Jan 30, 2018

-Moving Markers and Labels can be orineted along their path
-Natural Earth Data direct import
-OSM Data direct import
-Mapzen service for current view Feature download is deprecated
-Hebrew and Arabic Text supported
-New Topography Template Project
-New Folded Map Sample Project
-Routing service swapped to openrouteservice
-Heightmaptiles from amazon aws
-Help update

-wms exceptions don’t get erased in some cases
-object is not valid error on swapping AE projects
-minor bugfixes

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