RailClone 3.2是iTooSoft公司为3DMAX开发的参数化建模插件,它增加了与Arnold,V-Ray Next和3DS Max 2019的兼容性以及几项新的功能,见观看以下视频以及所列出来的新功能和改进:


Added support for V-Ray Next
Added Support for 3ds Max 2019
Added Support for Arnold 5.1 and above
Includes RailClone Colour support
Updated library with Arnold materials
Added Supermarket products to the free library. Include 10 new presets, each with multiple product variations.

Fixed: Bevel Extend and Symmetric options are swapped.
Fixed: When Evenly->Mode parameter is exported, modifies value of Clipping->Mode.
To fix it on existing styles it’s necessary to recreate the Generator.
Fixed: Evenly mode generates extra segments on closed splines.
Fixed: unable to export parameters with same name.
Fixed: Update Manager doesn’t close properly when launched on silently mode.
Fixed: Display->”Use Instance Engine” has no effect in Arnold (always is on).
Fixed rare crash in Expression Editor with some operations (i.e. using Undo when focus is on viewport).
Fixed issue when Evenly distance is lower than the Evenly Segment size.
Fixed: Sequence and Material->Sequence operators start with 2 same segments.
Fixed: animated Clipping splines are not updated correctly.
Fixed: Style Editor is not closed automatically when RC object is deselected, if an expression is being edited.
Fixed bugs with No-Bend segments and Y Splines in Arrays.
Fixed issues with auto alignment to X->XY.
Fixed crash using Numeric nodes copied from a macro in the main style.
Numeric nodes of main and macro styles are not interchangeable. Now RC blocks this possibility in copy-paste operations.
Fixed: Input macro nodes of different types can be rewired.
Fixed: Macro outputs cannot be rewired with a node of same type.
Main configuration of the plugin can be defined using environment variables:
Each registry key used in the configuration may be replaced by a variable, replacing non alphanumeric characters by ‘_’.
For example: for “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Itoo Software\RailClone Pro\MainDir”, you must define the variable “ITOO_SOFTWARE_RAILCLONE_PRO_MAINDIR”

The minimum variables to run RailClone Pro are the following:
For Network licenses: ITOO_SOFTWARE_RAILCLONE_PRO_MAINDIR=C:\Program Files (x86)\Itoo Software\RailClone Pro

For Stand-alone licenses:
ITOO_SOFTWARE_RAILCLONE_PRO_MAINDIR=C:\Program Files (x86)\Itoo Software\RailClone Pro
If you define the variables in a .BAT file, be sure to not include any space at both sides of the ‘=’ symbol, or it will not work (this is a known Windows issue).
Environment variables are used only by the Max plugin. Other tools as the License Manager requires configuration registry keys stll.
If both registry keys and environment variables are defined, the variables have precedence over keys (priority order is Variables->HKLM->HKCU).
Fixed problems with Adaptive mode.
Fixed precision error when segment ends just at the spline’s limit.
Fixed crash in Style Editor dragging a Macro category (not a macro) from the Macros tree.
Fixed Style->Geometry->Vertex Weld, which was broken in latest release.
Fixed: in Point-cloud mode, Z-Offset is applied twice for segments with Bend off.
Fixed bug computing Corner on first vertex of closed splines.
Fixed resizing Note nodes when Style Editor is zoomed.
Fixed “Simple Y Offset mode” with collinear vertices.
Fixed bug when using “Extend X/Z Size to Area” and “X–>XY” mode with splines coplanar to XY.

如果需要了解更多请上iToo Software的官方网站。

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