大多数已知的延迟摄影生产者和许多业余爱好者正在使用LRTimelapse,它可以利用在Lightroom和Adobe Camera Raw中实现的Adobe Camera RAW开发引擎,在全RAW文件工作流程中对延迟摄影序列进行关键帧和分级。

LRTimelapse Pro v5.2更新日志:

The importer will now skip .dat index files which for example the Nikon Z7 and Z6 create instead of putting them into a “MISC” folder.
In “Visual Preview” mode the keyframe indicators in the preview sometimes were hardly visible. The keyframes are now being displayed more opaque, just like in the camera previews mode.
Improved visibility for the visual-preview-creationstatus bar (below the visual previews) on high-dpi displays.
Normally, for sequences shot in A-Mode, the Holy Grail Wizard is deactivated, because such sequences normally come rather smooth from the camera (most cameras do smoothing in A-Mode, but still write discrete values into EXIF). In such cases the HG-Wizard would do more harm than good, because it would calculate compensations for “steps” that are not there.
However, there seem to be cameras that do not smooth in A-Mode, therefore I’ve added a Button to the Keyframes-Wizard which will allow to force the Holy Grail Keyframe creation. The button will only appear for sequences shot in A-Mode.
Redesigned the plus/minus buttons next to the slider controls.
Added Alt-Q as additional shortcut to exit the application.
Added a “Delete Holy Grail adjustments” button to the toolbar above the table next to “Delete Deflicker” to delete the holy grail adjustments, if necessary.
Any parameter of the LRTimelapse user.props file can now be passed as commandline parameter. To have define a certain start path for example, you could launch LRTimelapse with
LRTimelapse(.exe) path=C:\temp. You can also pass multiple parameters: for example to have LRTimelapse launch at the top left corner of your screen, regardless on how you left off, just use LRTimelapse screenposx1=0 screenposx2=0. Please note, that you might have to use quotation marks, like LRTimelapse “C:\temp”, depending on your platform and starting method.
Increased the range for the Rotate slider in the Holy Grail Wizard.

Sometimes LRTimelapse did not start with the folder tree at the position where it was closed. Fixed.
Creating a new folder from the import dialog did not refresh the folder tree, fixed.
With an UI Scaling of 2.0, the Keyframes Wizard was cut at the bottom, fixed.


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