RF插件的诞生对于使用C4D的朋友是很好的福音,可以在C4D中直接模拟在RealFlow中的流体效果,自从2.0版的发布直接改进了在Cinema 4D中的集成,并优化了与MoGraph,Hair和Take System的连接,模拟速度相当惊人。


NextLimit RealFlow C4D v2.5.3.0083更新日志:

Fixed bugs – Caching
– Cinema 4D crashes on caching if the cache folder field is empty.
– Animated cache offsets do not work in render time.

– Setting the same fluid as source and target in a Filter daemon freezes Cinema 4D.
– Attractor daemon “Internal Radius”, “External Radius” and “Planet Radius” parameters should have units.
– Attractor viewport representation does not match its behavior when Attenuated is enabled.

– Mesher vertex maps don’t work with Octane render. (Version 3.08 of Octane plugin fixes the issue).
– There is a one frame offset when rendering meshes with motion blur enabled.

Save and Load
– Particle UVs are not loaded in cache mode.

– It is possible to type negative values for scene simulation steps and iterations.

Known bugs

– Emitter ID value is not preserved on scene reopening.

– If a segment is removed the configuration of the circles of the other segments is reset.
– Undo/Redo is not working when a control point is added.

– Having two or more k Isolated daemons linked to the same fluid makes the isolation value grow as many times as the number of k Isolated linked daemons.

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