Parametric Array Para 3D v4.75 For Max 2011-2016 Win 64bit是3ds max脚本插件使用户创建参数化数字模型和动画使用3ds Max的插件和附加控制器的所有过度的造型特征···

参数化阵列建模插件Para 3D新特征

  • Groups.Using groups you can organize Para 3d nodes. See this video
  • Pattern controller can now weave object data
  • More than 40 Para-flow examples included.


  1. Para 3d V4.8 works exclusively with Windows 64-bit. If you are using Windows 32-bit do not
    install this update
  2. Do not leave the installer with default path.Make sure you select the right path (3ds MAX
    installation folder for example : C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max Design 2017\ )
  3. This upgrade requires license activation. Please notice that you will need internet connection to
    reactivate your license.
  4. First, remove previously installed version(s) of Para3d, if installed

A. If Para3d V2.0 (or higher) is installed, run the uninstaller from the start menu. You may have installed older versions of Para3d with multiple versions of 3ds Max. In this case, the uninstaller will recognize the most recent installation. You would then need to manually uninstall all other Para3d versions by removing the associated files from the startup folder.

Please refer to the list below:

  1. MAX folder\script\startup\parametric_array
  2. MAX folder\script\startup\ParaArray
  3. MAX folder\script\startup\parametric array (folder)
  4. Open 3ds MAX and remove all user interface items for the associated version

B. If Para3d V1.0 is installed please back up all version files. These files include:

  1. 3dsmax installation folder\script\start up\parametric_array
  2. 3dsmax installation folder\script\start up\paramarray_macros
  3. 3dsmax installation folder\script\start up\ParaArray
  4. 3dsmax installation folder\script\start up\paramarray_lic


Installing Para3d requires your agreement with our user license which has been provided to you in the
installation wizard, please read the agreement carefully before installation.


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