Quick Pipe是一种基于曲线边缘的Maya路径创建工具,Quick Pipe让你创建一个简单的形状像管、管、波纹管和更复杂的网格,如隧道、山洞、浮子、浮坡口,焊接和更多···

Quick Pipe支持版本: Maya 2014, 2015, 2015LT, 2016, 2016LT, 2016 Extension 2,2017 and 2017 LT.Windows


  • “I can’t start Quick Pipe.It gives me a syntax error or something”
  • That’s because of your quotation marks.Instead of writing one manually just use the one provided in the “PleaseReadMe.txt” file and you should be all set.
  • “I can’t open the Quick Pipe window”
  • To open the Quick Pipe menu you need to select any object in the scene and go into face,vertex or edge mode.Once you’re in one of these modes make sure you have no face,vertex or edge selected and run the Quick Pipe script.The menu should pop up.

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