Compositing is the process of combining images or videos together to create a convincingly unified end result. In this course, you’ll master compositing techniques with professional masking tools, advanced blend modes, and more. As you learn, you’ll work through real projects, such as creating a UFO scene.


Welcome 2m 2s
Introduction To The Compositing Masterclass 2m 2s
Core Compositing Techniques 42m 22s
Tracking Smoke Into A Shot 8m 36s
Blending and Masking 7m 22s
Corner Pinning 8m 10s
Tracking Planes to Cure Difficult Shots 7m 42s
The Art of Compositing 10m 32s
Creative Compositing 45m 48s
Tracking With Multiple Points 8m 40s
Adding 3D Shadows 10m 36s
Creating 3D Fog 7m 28s
Adding Sparks and Flashes To Video 7m 48s
Advanced Stabilization 11m 16s
Advanced Visual Effects Techniques 53m 58s
Seeing Through An Actor’s Skin 8m 40s
Creating A Reflection 5m 6s
Manual Tracking 7m 54s
Animating Multiple Layers 10m 48s
Set Extension Part 1 10m 48s
Set Extension Part 2 10m 42s
Conclusion 59s