WordPress Automatic Plugin自动采集有针对性的高质量的文章文章,比如 亚马逊产品、 Clickbank 产品、 Youtube 视频、 Vimeo 视频、  Feeds posts、 eBay 拍卖、 Flicker images、 Instagram 图像、  Pinterest pins,tweets,facebook 网站和 SoundCloud 歌曲,只是安装和许可,为你的博客工作,它将工作 24/7 ····· 


Version 3.22.1 (10 June 2016 )
Important: Instagram now works again after 1 June instagram update with same behaviour as before.
NEW: keyword to Category option: you can set a keyword and if exists, the plugin will set the post to the matching category
NEW: keyword to tag option: you can set a keyword and if exists, the pluginw will tag the post
NEW: option to post the item if it matchs a specific regex only
NEW: option to skip the item if it matchs a specific regex
NEW: instagram new option to skip video posts/images posts
NEW: Flicker now support posting from photo albums
NEW: TrueMag/NewsTube theme integration with instagram videos
NEW: search/replace using REGEX now has the option to word replace and replace shuffle
NEW: ebay additional parameters option added
NEW: SoundCloud new option to skip posts older than a specific date
NEW: option to delete all posted posts for a specific campaign
NEW: option to forget excuded links
Improved: Feeds campaign completely rewritten to be more lighter on servers.
Fix: instagram disable cache now works
Fix: simple_html_dom namespaeced not to conflict with other plugins/themes
Fix: youtube original date now consider blog timezone
Fix: youtube original date when posting from playlists now post correct video created date
Fix: translation for FB and some sources was not working now it works
Fix: maximum of three feeds now get processed per campaign run
Fix: Feeds decode html now decodes the title as well
Fix: Feeds now support news.google feed, previously the images were not displayed and the og:image was not extracted

Demo: Demo

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