• 现代多功能设计可以用于任何类型的网站
  • 非常先进的网络选项,以方便定制,无需修改代码
  • 数十名专业设计演示,可以很容易地与一个点击导入
  • 在平均14000与5星评级
  • 与最新的WordPress版本兼容
  • WordPress多点(WPMU)测试和批准
  • 用HTML5和CSS3建造的
  • SEO优化,搜索引擎优化基础已经内置(与搜索引擎优化插件兼容像Yoast)
  • 组织良好,评论和干净的代码
  • 性能改进的快速和可靠的网站
  • 跨浏览器的兼容性:FireFox、Safari、Chrome IE9,IE11问世
  • 100%响应主题,您可以轻松地打开或关闭
  • 易于使用的融合构建器,可视化的页面构建器
  • 完全控制站点宽度;内容区域和边栏
  • 视网膜
  • 社会图标和主题图标字体图标
  • 主题的自动更新程序
  • 应用补丁
  • 双侧栏整个主题
  • 一页视差
  • CSS3动画启用或禁用桌面/移动
  • 基本主题!
  • 强烈关注排版,可用性和整体的用户体验
  • jQuery的增强
  • Javascript文件会自动组合中并压缩添加性能
  • PHP编译器生成CSS的所有样式组合到一个文件添加性能
  • 包括字体的图标集,完全集成
  • 60分层PSD
  • 兼容Ubermenu
  • 兼容WPML等许多流行的插件


Version 4.0.2 - April 28th, 2016
- NEW: includes latest LayerSlider 5.6.6
- improved main menu search field getting auto focus when search is toggled
- improved button span option, so that it takes precedence over alignment option
- improved testimonial speed option, so that it can be set to 0
- updated system status page wp_remote_get() test URL
- updated deprecated get_currentuserinfo() to wp_get_current_user() on custom WooCommerce templates
- fixed social icons in theme options being reset after Avada 4.0.1 update
- fixed additional shortcode option labels in theme options shortcode tab after search
- fixed menu link target attribute not working on all mega menu levels
- fixed custom fonts migration to 4.0.x issue
- fixed WooCommerce featured product elements also showing non-featured products
- fixed WooCommerce edit account page missing action hook
- fixed WooCommerce cart item thumbnail filter being used on post checkout review page
- fixed WooCommerce Subscription plugin issue, where price and description of variable products are not displayed
- fixed WooCommerce elements wrongly taking up link color
- fixed videos not correctly resizing in recent works carousel layout
- fixed usage of removed image sizes
- fixed videos in lightbox not being displayed
- fixed WPML and PolyLang "All Languages" theme options not being saved to all languages
- fixed WPML performance issue when string translation plugin is active
- fixed font preview in theme options not working for all fonts
- fixed "Lato" google font weight selection not being correct
- fixed custom fonts not working in Internet Explorer
- fixed a Chrome rendering bug in titles on events listing page
- fixed Events Calendar issue where the border color affected calendar backgrounds
- fixed number of portfolio item option being set to 0, not displaying all posts
- fixed Avada Patcher for multisite setups
- fixed Chrome issue where page was reloaded before anchor scrolling
- fixed classic shop demo main menu shop button link for demo import
- fixed button border color not being applied to main menu buttons
- fixed social media theme options order not being applied to the social media widget
- fixed display issue with Sermon Manager plugin
- fixed image frame element images being wrongly rescaled if a lightbox image is used
- fixed a rare logo issue, where dimensions are wrong because a WP thumbnail image is used
- fixed content box elements link target not working correctly sometimes
- fixed contact page map with custom style always having overlay color
- fixed RTL positioning issue with menu alignment for headers v4 and v5
- fixed typo avada-header.js
- fixed a few PHP warnings

DEMOCrexis v1.1.4
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