• 所有的块——请选择您从顶部m你可以混合和匹配他们m所有的内容块支持ajax分页和子类(包括幻灯片)
  • Live搜索使用ajax和钥匙
  • 一次点击演示安装,没有更多mXML文件,只有一个点击你安装了演示的数据
  • 由视觉作曲家——最好的拖拽页面构建器
  • Woocommerce支持
  • 定制bbpress样式+自定义登录系统,您现在可以轻松建立一个社区···
  • 自定义自动伸缩功能内容块——一块改变它的结构完美的工作(在侧边栏,全宽或页边栏)
  • 回应谷歌广告联盟支持通过我们的定制管理面板,脚本加载谷歌AdSense现货为每个屏幕大小不同,一旦加载它不修改它以100%符合谷歌adSense服务条款。
  • 响应广告支持,允许多个广告位的广告网络在同一div或如果你想显示自己的广告在不同的设备上,这个选项将会改变广告的位置,例如当一个平板电脑是横向/纵向变化···(标题横幅演示站点使用该系统)
  • 内联谷歌广告联盟或其他广告在一个预定义的段落
  • 汽车youtube,dailymotion和vimeo拇指下载——就粘贴一个youtube url和网站将自动下载最大的图像可以从剪辑,将它作为一个特色形象,文章很容易添加视频···
  • 建在审查制度(恒星、9分)
  • 搜索引擎优化:模式与丰富的片段微数据的文章和评论
  • 建在翻译支持我们的管理面板。没有更多的,mo文件,你就得到一个从主题和形式与所有的字符串对应的翻译。
  • 多语言网站通过自由qTranslate插件的支持,从wp-admin所有···
  • 谷歌字体,更改字体容易从主题面板


Version 7.0 – May 9th, 2016
UPDATE NOTICE: Please update tagDiv Social Counter to the latest version that comes with the theme.
new: Mobile Theme – version 1.0
new: Instagram block and widget
new: Footer Instagram
new: Weather block and widget
new: Weather option in top bar
new: Exchange block and widget
new: Mobile menu on the resposive version of the theme
new: 4 new big grids
new: 2 new big grids styles
new: 3 new modules
new: 4 new blocks
new: 2 new footer styles
new: 15 one click demos
new: Black version of the theme
new: 10 Social counter styles
new: search menu on mobiles
new: background support for mobile search and menu
new: the mobile theme and the responsive theme on mobiles now offer a login/register option
new: custom post types now support a global sidebar that can be set from the theme panel
new: logo in H1 tags
new: reset button in theme panel. This will bring the theme to the original state
new: panel for one click demos
new: enable/disable category pull-down filter option in theme panel
new: display order for category tags on post pages option in theme panel
new: Social Counter – version 4.0 – please update your plugin to the latest version
misc: the theme settings are now only saved once per pageload and only if needed. We use the shutdown action to save them
misc: video playlist block now works with multiple playlists of the same type on one page
misc: we audited all the metadata produced by the theme and we improved every aspect of it
misc: each demo, now loads it’s separate css file
misc: updated the google fonts list
misc: better seo on smartlists
misc: the featured image from the smartlists now supports custom
misc: the categories that are listed on post pages can now be shown using the WordPress default order. This can be enabled from theme panel
misc: all blocks can now sort by older first
misc: The responsive youtube player now has a better aspect ratio
misc: All font options are now included on a single page, Theme Fonts, documentation was also updated to match the new configuration
misc: We optimized the queries for all the blocks and widgets that don’t show posts (popular categories, social counter etc…)
fix: on blocks the by category filter now returns all the categories again if no ids are selected
fix: the theme works better with the default wordpress excerpts. It does not remove the … now from the excerpts
fix: we added the import script from version 4.x of the theme again. We realized that it was a mistake to remove it from the theme because there are still customers using 4.x
fix: removed no comments message with comments disabled
fix: layout issue with images that had tagDiv image style set and no link
fix: infinite loading on categories issue with latest posts when the rest is fewer than the “Blog pages show at most” setting
fix: footer logo title attribute
fix: tinyMCE issues with the shortcodes menu (multiple options where selected in specific cases)
fix: thumb wp_booster API error. Our framework was not recognising the default “thumb” image size that is registered by WordPress
fix: clean up and optimized all the demos
fix: custom fonts buffer was not saving in certain cases
fix: custom fonts documentation link in theme panel was linking to the old documentation
fix: smart lists first image link target parameter was ignored
fix: smart lists javascript issue where links with target _blank were opened twice: in a new tab and in the current tab
fix: sticky main menu logo didn’t show up when Smart snap (mobile) was enabled
The list of modified files | Read more about this update – on our blog 
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