WordPress的PDF阅读器是最好的销售PDF阅读器插件在codecanyon(1.855k +销售)。这个插件可以显示嵌入你的WordPress网站的PDF文件,很容易与丰富的功能和很好的PDF阅读器。你现在可以跟踪访客阅读您的PDF文件使用谷歌分析和····


=== 4.5 (20 December 2015) === 
The url is more shorter now.
Uses Page Templates to render pdf viewer now
Added option to ignore external pdf links for automatic link and iframe options
Fixed Fulscreen Mode Display Option on iFrame Shortcode
Fixed Warnings on Save Options and viewer page

Demo: http://codecanyon.net/item/pdf-viewer-for-wordpress/8182815

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