Yoast SEO 优质插件 (前身为 WordPress SEO Yoast 保险费) 向 Yoast SEO 插件添加了几个功能。这个插件是写从地上的 Joost de Valk 和他的团队在 Yoast 提高你网站的 SEO 所需的所有方面。虽然这个 WordPress SEO 插件更是不辞辛劳,照顾更多的下面,它的技术的优化,首先帮助您编写更好的内容。WordPress SEO 迫使你选择重点关键字,当你写你的文章,然后将确保您使用该焦点关键字无处不在···


3.1 March 2nd, 2016
Fixes a bug where our license manager could sometimes not reach our licensing system due to problems with ssl.
Makes sure users don’t have to reactivate their license after updating or disabling/enabling the plugin.
Adds a support beacon on the News SEO settings page enabling users to ask for support from the WordPress backend.
Contains a few performance optimizations.

Demo: http://yoast.com/wordpress/plugins/

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