Improved Variable Product Attributes是改善你的WooCommerce店铺属性选择插件,改进您的客户产品选择,设置您的WooCommerce店铺属性风格,从不显示出其他的无效属性,使用文本、HTML、图像或彩色显示产品变化选择你的客户····


  • 简码
  • 店铺和产品档案产品
  • Ajax添加到购物车
  • WooCommerce接口无缝集成
  • 定制商店的状况
  • 属性类型和订单管理器
  • 简单安装!
  • 翻译
  • WPML插件兼容
  • 每一个模板的作品


+ Improved Variable Product Attributes for WooCommerce 2.6.0 -- 11. May 2016.
- added priorities support for custom actions
- added modes for out of stock appearance. now out of stock attributes can be either fully hidden or even clickable to allow backorders
- added support to disable customization on single product pages
- added support not to hide in theme select boxes
- improved documentation, added theme specific installations for avada, x-theme, betheme, bridge, divi, enfold, flatsome, legenda, listify, salient, the7
- fixed any term variations bugs
- fixed image switch glitch. now the image is changed directly both on archives and single product pages
- fixed script load when ivpa is not active
- fixed missing terms errors in backend
- fixed more bugs with images

Demo: Demo

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