SW ShoppyStore 是专业 WooCommerce WordPress 主题建立引导和动力由视觉的作曲家,主题是任何种类的购物商店,从衣服到电子产品商店的理想选择。SW ShoppyStore 带有 6 雅致主页布局和 7 的颜色变化,这是不仅是关于一个美丽的设计,也是关于一个全功能的主题,focussess 用户体验和可用性,数量庞大的很酷的特性 ︰ 响应布局,巨型菜单产品网格与列表视图中,产品快速查看,滑块革命演示一键式安装、 RTL 和多语种,盒装的布局、 等…

------------  VERSION - 1.4.0: Release on Mar-28-2016  ------------
[+] Added 12 bonus pages
[+] Fixed bug: 
1. Change logo >> header style 2,4,5 no change
2. Left  top menu: check box of left top menu is not working in right way.
3. Breadcum doesnot change automatically when changing language.
4. Theme name is wrong in the file: login.php
5. Homepage 3 : Woo slider shortcode - child cate layout, in case, select category which has only one word, in front-end it doesnot display the first letter in that word.

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