3D-Coat这是由乌克兰开发的数字雕刻软件,3D Coat是专为游戏美工规划的软件,它专心于游戏模型的细节规划,集三维模型实时纹理制作和细节雕琢功能为一身,可以加快数字雕刻细节规划流程,在更短的时间内创造出更多的数字雕刻内容···

3d Coat是一个数字雕刻应用程序雕刻软件,具有所有的工具,你需要从三维想法开始,一路走到一个生产的准备,充分纹理的有机或硬表面模型,今天的3d Coat是可以在170多所大学和世界各地的学校学习···


  • 容易的纹理 & PBR
  • – Microvertex, Per-pixel or Ptex painting approaches
    – Realtime Physically Based Rendering viewport with HDRL
    – Smart Materials with easy set-up options
    – Multiple paint Layers. Popular blending modes. Layer groups
    – Tight interaction with Photoshop
    – Texture size up to 16k
    – Fast Ambient Occlusion and Curvature map calculation
    – Rich toolset for all kind of painting tasks, and more…

  • 数字雕刻
  • Voxel (volumetric) sculpting key features:
    – No topological constraints. Sculpt as you would with Clay
    – Complex boolean operations
    – Fast kit bashing workflow
    Traditional sculpting offers you such powerful technology as:
    – Adaptive dynamic tesselation (Live Clay)
    – Dozens of fast and fluid sculpting brushes
    – Boolean operations with crisp edges

  • 最终拓扑工具
  • – Auto-retopology (AUTOPO) with user-defined edge loops
    – Fast and easy-to-use manual Retopo tools
    – Possibility to import reference mesh for retopologization
    – Use your current low-poly mesh as your retopo mesh
    – Retopo groups with color palette for better management
    – Advanced baking settings dialog
    – And more…

  • 快速、友好的 UV Mapping
  • – Professional toolset for creating and editing UV-sets
    – Native Global Uniform (GU) unwrapping algorithm
    – Multiple UV-sets support and management
    – Support ABF, LSCM, and Planar unwrapping algorithms
    – Individual islands tweaking
    – Lastly, it is fast, easy, and fun to use.


14.05.2016 4.5.38
- There is possibility to bake Sculpt objects onto current paint mesh. Retopo->Update paint mesh. It will keep painted textures and update normalmap and layers related to Sculpt volumes. It simplifies workflow when you need to change something in geometry on very late stage. Also you may bring paint mesh to sculpt room directly using Geometry->Paint mesh->Sculpt mesh.
- "Ignore back faces" works for Move tool in surface mode.
- If you select some voume via H key VoxTree will be scrolled to show selected volume.
- Material navigation in UV mapping mode tweaked (Speed of transformation).
- Color picker gets color from everywhere on screen. In color picker dialog clicking outside the picker window will pick color as well. "V" hotkey works there as well.
- Toggle Freeze works correctly.
- prim history works correctly for voxels as well.
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