REVisionFX RE Lens鱼眼镜头透视扭曲修复插件特征:

REVision Effects 公司的RE Lens鱼眼扭曲镜头修复插件,很容易将常见的镜头和扭曲的镜头修正和转换···

此版为WIN CE版-CE为免破解直接安装使用,支持AE/Pr CC – CC2015 v3

REVisionFX RE Lens更新日志:

Support for Premiere added .
GPU processing added: You will see most effect when applying filtering controls (mip map, sharpen, edge anti-aliasing).
Improved interactive settings with on-screen controls for image circle radius and optical center X,Y. See manual for their use.
Adds support for Stereographic fisheye lenses (as Samyang/Rokinon 8mm fisheye for example)
Defish: Boolean checkbox Auto-Scale has been changed to a menu. This to be able to extend viewport (output image size) without scaling the result image to fit. The default value stays the same.
Defish: Fish Mode: Improved supersampling at the edges. The amount of superampling on edges is controlled by the Frame Edge Aliasing setting. New code should be faster and more accurate at edge of frame.
Defish: Scale X and Y been relabeled Warp Amount Scale X and Y to avoid confusion.
Defish: FullFrame method: the FOV now scales the transform linearly. This method is completely different than in V1.0.
Defish: Adds tilt and pan controls to better reframe and compose the final view.
Defish: Frame Edge Anti-Aliasing is turned off now except in Pin Cushion / Fish Mode as for the other methods it's now handled automatically.
Superfish: setting FOV less than 180 now works properly.
Superfish: Adds a new setting to set intial orientation XYZ to facilitate animation for cases where the camera is not forward looking; for example, when the camera is pointing towards sky.
Superfish: Add support for stereographic lenses (like the ones Rokinon, Samyang make).
To LatLong: Hole Fill checkbox now is a menu.
To LatLong: support to clamp to Radius or not.
To LatLong: fixes FilterPole premultiply halo issue when image has tranparency.
To LatLong: Added on-screen interaction checkbox (AE only).
To LatLong: All orientations now go up and right for positive angle changes. This means projects started with v1.0 may need to have the signs of the angle settings inverted.
To LatLong: Add support for stereographic lenses (such as Rokinon, Samyang make).
From LatLong: Poor anti-aliasing issue fixed.
RE:Lens From LatLong: Adds a new projection mode to better handle edge distortions with lower Focal Point.
Curved Mirrors: Mirror Ball now defaults as expected to 180 degree hemisphere (what a real mirror ball would be). The Range Factor has been defaulted to 0.7, note that for Mirror Ball 0.5 now means 180 deg. Min allowed is smaller to allow small vertical FOV lens-mirrors to be representable. Note Radius now will crop the sphere. Miror Ball now uses FOV values.
Curved Mirrors: Donut Mode has an additional Rotate around Y value of 90 degree to avoid starting looking outside the image.
Chromatic Aberration: Now renders Overlay over result in mode Show Distortion Rings.
Chromatic Aberration: More accurate warping when source image is not square.
Reframe: Vignette now has independent Center X and Y offset to cleanup mis-aligned image circles.
Reframe: Replaces the Vignette Method Feather by more useful Devignetting. Radius now has a different meaning than v1.0 and older projects will need this value reset.


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