REVisionFX RE Map贴图映射变形插件描述:

REVision Effects 公司的RE Map贴图映射变形插件,提供专业的质量测绘和变形工具···

此版为WIN CE版-CE为免破解直接安装使用,支持AE CC – CC2015 v3

REVisionFX RE Map更新日志:

Version 3.0.2 | June 15, 2016
Fixes a bug where a green frame was not produced when the GPU was NOT supported.
Fixes a bug where RE:Map Displace did not produce the correct results when a modulator image was used, and GPU acceleration was also used.
Fixes a bug where a RE:Map Displace did not display a proper frame when Apply To Screen Coords was chosen and GPU acceleration was used.


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