AEscripts Layer Stalker v1.06.1让你在任何空间的属性的任何层在同样的位置追踪,或在任何复杂嵌套下可以跟踪!你不必担心父合成,时间重映射或转换(位置、尺度、旋转)···

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  • Layer Stalker can be applied to any spatial attribute. This might be a layer’s position, the start/end point of a beam effect, a particle emitter’s position, a corner point of a corner pin effect, a layer’s anchor point, a puppet pin position, etc, etc. Any attribute whose value is a 2 or 3 dimensional point is fair game, so go nuts.
  • Your target layer can be in the same comp as the attribute you want to change, or in any comp nested in that comp as a layer. Or in any comp nested in any comp nested in that comp. Or in any comp nested in any comp nested in any comp nested in that comp. Or…you get the idea. I’ve only tested up to 24 layers of nesting, but it’s theoretically unlimited (Adobe developers please feel free to correct me).
  • Although Layer Stalker will happily follow layers which are parented, nested, etc. the layer to whose position (or other spatial attribute) you apply Layer Stalker should not be parented to anything. The value Layer Stalker returns is always in the coordinate space of the outermost comp (the comp which contains the layer to which Layer Stalker is applied).
  • Layer stalker uses layer names to build its expressions, so please name your layers carefully. If you have two layers with the same name, Layer Stalker will always use the first one it encounters. Best to make sure every layer name involved in the nesting chain is unique within its own comp.


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