Amplify Shader Editor 是Unity一种基于行业领先软件的基于节点的材质编辑器插件,它提供了一个熟悉的开发环境,无缝地融合了Unity的UI和Shader的使用,可以从Amplify Creations获得满意的质量和灵活性,需要Unity 5.4.5或更高版本。


•支持Xbox One / PS4 / Switch

v1.4.2 更新日志

New Shader Functions:
Compute Filter Width
Explicitly calling System.Globalization on TextInfo usage to avoid compilation errors
Added custom pragmas for shader functions
Updated Vertex Normal Reconstruction sample
Added Reflection and Specular Highlight toggles into the Rendering Options group that mimic Unity’s Standard
Added ToggleOff option to ‘Static Switch’ node which should now allow the creation of OFF toggles
Fixed issue of properties not being properly ordered if their material property group wasn’t open
Blend modes now update properly even if group is collapsed

版本:1.4.2 2018年1月08日更新 文件大小:63.4 MB