Amplify Shader Editor是Unity一种基于行业领先软件的基于节点的材质编辑器插件,它提供了一个熟悉的开发环境,无缝地融合了Unity的UI和Shader的使用,可以从Amplify Creations获得满意的质量和灵活性,需要Unity 5.4.5或更高版本。

Amplify Shader Editor v1.5.0  2018年3月17日更新   文件大小:63.4 MB

* New features:
* Added support for multi-pass templates
* Added support for Lightweight Scriptable Rendering Pipeline

* New Sample
* SRP Lightweight GlintSparkle
* SRP Lightweight Coverage

* New Template:
* LightweightSRP

* New Shader Function
* Create Normal : Generates a normal map from a height map

* Fixes:
* Fixed Auto-Register option not being saved for property type nodes
* Fixed issues with generated normalized screen position values over templates
* Fixed texture coordinates generation in templates
* Changed initialization in ‘Triplanar Sample’ node to prevent null pointer errors
* Fixed issue on loading shader with missing shader functions
* Fixed issue on duplicate pragmas over generated shader
* Fixed issue with template post processor not correctly registering new templates
* Fixed issue on template output nodes modules incorrectly sharing foldout value
* Fixed Undo issue when undoing deleted property type nodes after saving shader
* Fixed ‘Static Switch’ node registering duplicates in the material properties group

* Improvements:
* Cull, Stencil, Color Mask and Depth options can now reference properties instead of standard options
* Redone visuals of property type nodes Attributes list to be easier to use
* Added new Enum and Custom attributes to property type nodes
* Enum on Create Enum mode creates an Enum attribute using the specified Name/Value pairs
* Enum on Use Engine Enum Class mode creates an Enum attribute from the specified class
* Custom attribute allows to specify completely custom attributes
* Outline now forces shader to be Forward only to prevent visual inconsistencies
* Exposed Specular Color property into the Output node material list when Blinn Phong Light Model is selected
* Reorganized samples shader paths
* Reorganized template menu items
* Canvas and output node title now shows shader name without relative paths
* ‘Register Local Var’ node now generates a new name when duplicated
* ‘Indirect Diffuse Light’, ‘Indirect Specular Light’ and ‘Light Attenuation’ nodes now work on templates

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