Genarts Sapphire是一系列功能强大的插件,用于在电影和视频文件中创建视觉效果,我们现在的许多电影都装饰了无数的视觉效果,使观众更容易接触电影的美丽和吸引力。

使用Genarts Sapphire,可以为视频文件添加数百种独特的视觉效果,该程序可以作为视频编辑软件的插件,如After Effects,AVID等,使用蓝宝石可以提高输出质量,并且可以使用各种工具提高输出速度,所有这些都可以提高生产力,该程序使用了一个非常强大的引擎,在提高可靠性的同时,具有非常好的性能,


Genarts Sapphire is a series of powerful plug-ins for creating visual effects in movie and video files, and many of our current films are decorated with countless visual effects to make it easier for viewers to come in contact with the beauty and appeal of the movie.

With Genarts Sapphire, you can add hundreds of unique visual effects to video files that can be used as plug-ins for video editing software such as After Effects, AVID, etc. Sapphire can be used to improve output quality and speed with various tools , All of which can improve productivity, the program uses a very powerful engine to improve reliability at the same time, with very good performance,

Rendering Speed The Sapphire is very chunk, as well as the Rendering Engine design for real-time or at the moment, done instantly by applying any change or adding any special effects.

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