Corgi Engine是Unity最完整的平台解决方案,这是一个很紧的为我们的游戏非物理的角色控制器,它的速度非常快,适用于桌面,手机和任何平台,包装功能不断更新,它是创建2D + 2.5D平台游戏或运行的最好的工具。

Corgi Engine – 2D+2.5D Platformer特征

– 紧凑的2D角色控制器,包括碰撞检测,斜坡处理,移动,跳跃,双跳,梯子,悬挂,喷气包,机枪,仪表板(水平和垂直) ,跑步,爬行,仰卧起坐等等…
– 包含内容,资产充满了12个演示级别,并为我们提供所有的需要…
– 基本的敌人或友好的AIs行为…
– 相机和2D视差管理,具有多种选择:相机变焦,视差速度,方向…
– 创建水平所需的一切:重力区域,移动平台,跳伞,大炮,可破坏的箱子,树木,钥匙和胸部/门,梯子,风,水体,冰,跑步机,泥浆,单向水平…
– 一个基本而强大的对话系统,为我们的NPC增添生命!
– 可以在2D或3D平台中使用数百种视觉资产
– 无处不在的移动控件 – 单人或多人

2D + 2.5D Platformer v5.0更新日志:

v5.0 (当前)已发布 2018年7月3日
– Adds a brand new Advanced AI system, with its own, easy to use state machine. Create complex behaviours, patterns and combine decisions and actions to create your own unique enemies.
– Adds new AI decisions : health, hit, raycast target detection, wide cast target detection, area target detection, distance based decision, time, grounded
– Adds new AI actions : patrol, patrol within area, move to target, jump, shoot, wait, fly, change weapon
– Adds a new demo scene, RetroAI, that showcases various types of AI behaviours
– Adds the RetroRabbit boss, the first example of complex boss behaviour in the Corgi Engine. Complete with multiple and destructible weapons, phases and movement.
– Adds the RetroGhost, a flying enemy that tracks you if you get close, but will stop and hide if you face it.
– Adds the Swordsman, a new enemy with a melee weapon (also comes in an alternate version with a gun – yes, it’s a swordsman with a gun)
– Adds the possibility to create combo based weapons very easily, while retaining all the advanced functions of the existing weapons systems. You can even combine melee and projectile weapons into a single combo.
– Adds the RetroComboSword, a 3 strikes animated sword for the RetroCorgi to use
– Adds the CharacterSwim ability, now separate from the Jump ability, and complete with its own animations (idle/swimming) and settings (force, splashes)
– Adds the CharacterFly ability, allowing your characters to move freely on the x and y axis. Comes with a bunch of options, such as permanent flight or button based.
– Adds the CharacterGlide ability, allowing your character to glide in the air, similarly to old Aladdin games for example.
– Adds a new character : the RetroCopter, and its own demo scene, showcasing how the flight ability works
– Adds freeze frames support, to freeze the screen for a few frames (or however long you prefer) when certain events happen, such as hits
– Adds one up bonuses, allowing you to play with the current amount of lives , adding some, adding containers, and refilling them.
– Adds spread (random or not) and projectiles per shot options to weapons
– Adds a new HealthBar component (MMHealthBar) with much more display options (delay, bump, etc).
– Adds MMFlash, a new component that can be triggered via events to flash the screen (when shooting, getting hit, etc)
– Adds support for placing edge colliders at mid-character height. They’ll now be ignored by the controller if it’s grounded, allowing your character to pass through them without affecting movement.
– Adds an option allowing the creation of moving dialogue boxes.
– Adds a new FacingRight animation parameter, to use for asymmetrical characters (for example)
– Improves dash accuracy in the air
– Adds an option to link any number of animators to a weapon
– Adds an option to define the GUI’s points string pattern.
– Adds an option to customize stompable enemies’ stomp detection raycast length.
– Adds an option for forcing a facing direction when climbing ladders (useful for asymmetrical 3D characters).
– Adds an option to reset character state on Gravity zones entry, preventing potential unwanted outcome with Dash for example.
– Adds an option to interrupt attacks when the weapon owner gets hit
– Adds an option to prevent horizontal movement (and flips) while using a weapon
– Adds more extension methods to MMTools
– Adds an option to have certain characters immune to knockback
– Adds an option to specify an offset on Grip objects.
– Improves the Retro tiles bleed to avoid white lines that may appear between tiles in certain resolutions
– Adds a new controller state : ColliderResized, that lets you whether or not the controller’s collider is being resized
– Adds option to have the CorgiController cast rays on both sides, instead of just the movement direction.
– Adds a dedicated MMTimeManager class to handle all time scale operations.
– Improves DamageOnTouch’s knockback direction options
– Adds a debug display to the Weapon’s inspector that displays its current state
– Optimizes draw calls when Flicker on Hit is disabled in the Health component
– Fixes a bug with push ability sounds not stopping properly when jumping out of push
– Prevents healthbar from going below zero in certain situations
– Fixes a missing BoxCollider2D on the default Checkpoint prefab.
– Fixes the way the Health component grabs the animator, as it sometimes couldn’t find one if it was nested one level or more below.
– Fixes a few remaining “yield return 0” into “yield return null” to avoid generating garbage.
– Fixes a bug where dropping the grenade launcher wouldn’t spawn the right picker, and would cause ammo loss.
– Fixes a bunch of minor crouch related issues.
– Fixes wrongly set item pickers on dropped items in the Retro demo scenes.
– Fixes a case where the run sfx would keep playing while crouching
– Fixes a bug where gravity wouldn’t be reset properly after death in a no collision gravity zone.
– Fixes a bug where going off a ladder wouldn’t reset the horizontal speed properly.
– Fixes a case where ProjectileWeaponOffset would be applied incorrectly when flipped.
– Unifies gizmo colors over all components : vision is yellow, collisions is blue/cyan, force is green, obstacles detection is gray.
– Adds area gizmos for DamageOnTouch hurtboxes
– Adds better gizmos for melee weapons
– Renames a few MMTools classes to add a MM prefix to them, for consistency. ProgressBar becomes MMProgressBar, etc. If you get missing scripts warnings in your project after updating, that’s probably the reason, and you just have to bind them again to the renamed script.

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