Element 3D 3D当然是AfterEffects最流行和最强大的3D插件之一,但是,深入了解其深入的特征和3D动画原理,特别是对于新手而言,有时可能会有点乏味,创建常见的运动图形,如动画克隆立方体,3D对象组装动画甚至3D标题,可能会快速变得耗时,而您可以在Cinema 4D中轻松点击几下,使其名为MOGRAPH的令人敬畏的程序动画模块实现如此复杂的动画!

支持After Effects软件版本:CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6


1.1 (Current version) – Jan 27, 2017

• A pseudo-effect installer has been added in the ZIP folder for CS6 users (to avoid « Missing : effect » issues)
• If you turn on Depth of field in the "E3D Camera" options, its "Focal point" will be automatically set up correctly for each default configuration ;
• The « E3D Effector Layer » visibility (the eye icon) has been turned OFF in case you would have created a kind of « Linear Cloner » scene (without any shortcut), just like for the Motext. It will help you understand that the "Effector falloff " is based on « Sequential » (moving it in 3D space won’t do anything ! You’ll have to deploy the E3D Effector’s effect > Falloff > Sequential, and to play with the « Sequential completion » to animate the clones)
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