HitFilm Pro是一款非常先进的视频编辑器,除了标准功能之外,它还结合了图层,2D,3D,视觉效果,动画和其他电脑效果,提供了非常强大的视频布局。

该软件主要是将Premiere Pro/Final Cut Pro和After Effects集成到一个平台中,使用此软件,用户可以制作短片,撰写,添加特殊效果,创建动画,制作电影作品。

HitFilm Pro is a very advanced video editor that combines the standard features with a powerful video layout that combines layers, 2D, 3D, visuals, animations and other computer effects.

The software integrates Premiere Pro / Final Cut Pro and After Effects into a single platform that allows users to create short films, compose, add special effects, create animations, and create movies.