Itoo Forest Pack是世界上最受欢迎的3dsMax散射树木植物插件,它提供了一个完整的解决方案,创建广泛的对象,从树木和植物到建筑物,人群,聚集,地面覆盖,岩石等,对于建模的模型,Forest Pack可以分散它,无数工作室依靠Forest Pack的生产测试算法和本地着色器来渲染具有几乎无限数量的对象和多边形的场景,而不会对计算机资源造成压力。

Itoo ForestPack Pro特征

Itoo ForestPack Pro For 3Dmax 2016 SSS的测试截图


Forest Pack 6.1.2更新日志:

New Features and improvements
With Distribution->Path, Reference and Particle modes, it’s possible to assign a Surface keeping the item’s Z position.
To do it, turn off “Non Image modes->Link to Surface” in the Surface rollup.
This mode is useful to use the “Color by Texture” mode of Forest Color.

Fixed: Items are not oriented correctly when using Distribution->PFlow->Align.
Fixed errors in Lister when there are duplicated object names.
Distribution->Path Distance is set by default to 1 meter, regardless of the scene’s unit.
“Surface->Custom Edit->Link to Surface” has been renamed to “Non Image->Link to Surface”, since this parameter is used both in Custom Edit and Non-Image Distribution modes.
Fixed: “Color by Texture” doesn’t work in Custom Edit mode if “Surface->Link to Surface” is off.
Fixed crash using Forest as a XRef Object.
Fixed missing items when rendering Particle Flow distributions.
Tree Editor is renamed to Items Editor in Settings dialog.
Fixed slowdown evaluating heavy models with displacement maps (as Maxtree models).


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