Luxion Keyshot SSS一直在使用,是一个很不错的CG渲染软件,可以快速对产品以及场景进行渲染,除此之外还有俩个紧跟其后的渲染软件:SimlabSoft SimLab Composer、Marmoset Toolbag,大家可以在本站搜索,尝试其强大的渲染引擎。

Luxion KeyShot Pro的特点和功能

– 控制变焦
– 独立的设计专栏
– 能够调整模型的角度,距离和扭曲度
– 动画的太阳和天空系统
– 能够调整地平面大小
– 支持在后台渲染,提供队列,网络渲染
– 支持在网络上展示您的工作
– 极高的速度性能和图形环境
– 先进的动画系统[老夏感觉跟VUE的动画系统一样呆板]
– 控制压缩质量以确保最高质量的图像
– 将二维模型专业转换为三维模型的能力
– 自动恢复所有信息
– 支持各种相机动画
– 支持队列渲染
– 用于跟踪性能的NURBS系统
– 能够组合工具并使用它们
– 可以安装插件。
– 访问项目类型和项目动画(转盘,旋转,翻译)
– 无限输出分辨率
– 改进了图像渲染速度
– 借助梦幻般的工具和功能实现越来越多的管理
– 自动上传到FTP服务器
– 能够平铺汽车,家电,衣服等物体类型的模型
– 保持所有部分和图层名称
– 在动画播放过程中与相机,照明和材料充分互动
– 能够调整和选择模型照明。
– 为模型着色的能力
– 能够设计和编辑各种3D模型
– 更新了模板,可以编辑图案,调整色散并自动调整相机并创建图案
– 保持模型的所有结构

KeyShot Pro v7.3.39更新日志


SOLIDWORKS 2018 direct import support.
Sketchup 2018 direct import support.
NX12 direct import support.

Model Variations area is hidden in Presentation Mode if there is only one variation.
Improved setup time for scenes with Rounded Edges.
Render Materials automatically in Configurator Wizard.
Added Turntable animations to top-level models in the Scene Tree.
Updated Scripting to Python 3.6.4
Metadata now outputs via Network Rendering for Still Images.

Noteworthy Bug Fixes
Fixed crash that occurred after renaming Model Set and opening the Configurator Wizard.
Fixed crash when saving package related to texture naming.
Fixed Plugin connection issue with “Just for me” installations.
Files saved with Ground Shadows disabled will now show Ground Shadows when enabled after saving and reopening.
Fixed Ground Shadow visibility error that could occur when toggling between Studios.
Fixed double buttons in scripting console.
Fixed Environment thumbnail creation when saving to Library.
Fixed issue in which Labels would not appear in Clown Pass or Labels Pass when “Apply Bump to Labels” is enabled for that Label.
Render Passes and Render Layers are now output correctly for KeyShotXR.
Fixed issue where real-time view could be off-center when opened on mac.
Fixed quality issue with Clown and Labels pass when black and white image was used to define opacity of a label.

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