Yeti是Peregrine Labs的产品,可以在Autodesks Maya中生产毛皮羽毛并生成大量的物体,该工具集已经被开发为Maya终端的解决方案,Yeti支持各种渲染器,包括Pixars Renderman,老牌渲染器Vray和新时代的Solid Angles Arnold渲染器。

Yeti v2.2.1 更新日志

– updated to V-Ray 3.60
– updated to Renderman 21.5
– updated to MtoA and Arnold
– updated to Redshift 2.5.29
– updated to Clarisse 3.5 sp1
– fixed an issue with our Redshift extension that ensures motion blur samples are correctly aligned to the center of the shutter time vs. the two samples.
– fixed an bug where setting and increasing lengths on strands would result in incorrect values.
– fixed a threading issue with Import node which would cause feathers to either be “missing” or cause Maya to crash.
– forcing sub scene consolidation of Yeti nodes for VP 2.0 to avoid feathers being prematurely culled.