Pseudo Effect Maker为我们提供了一个简单,用户友好的界面,可让我们快速,轻松地开发,整理和应用自定义效果控件,然后,这些控件可用于驱动After Effects项目中的表达式和图层,并将其保存为预设,以便您可以快速重用它们,或者让其他用户可以使用您创建的工具。

After Effects CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015, CC 2014

Pseudo Effect Maker v2.02更新日志:

2.02 (Current version) – Jun 2, 2018
Bug Fix: When opening old presets, names and matchnames are loaded properly.
– Previously saved controls may open with the matchname ‘THE MATCH NAME’, future saves and opens will load with the correct matchname. (The ‘THE MATCH NAME’ bug is specific to the Pseudo Effect Maker and does not affect the actual matchnames used by After Effects)
Minor Feature: Save location of presets is now stored so on subsequent saves, the last folder used will be opened by default
Display Fix: Control names will now use the full available width to prevent names from being cut off

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