Reallusion公司的 iClone 是一个专业程序,可以实时创建复杂度最高的三维动画,SSS认为这个是必备的工具。

iClone Pro能快速为广告片,游戏或者电影创建动画,这是一个非常方便的工具,能够创造非常最真实的人物细节。

Reallusion iClone Pro v7.3.2205.1更新日志

v7.3 (7.3.2205.1) released on Oct 8th, 2018
Version 7.3.2205.1 fixes defects for version 7.3.2127.1, such as slower Image Sequence rendering and failure to load iMotionPlus to provide more reliable production experience.
Know More

Videos with Render > Image Sequence settings set to 60 fps playback at slower speeds in post-processing software.
Some iMotionPlus files do not load.
Look At (camera, object) does not work for G5 characters. More >
Color for Toon Edge is influenced by Toon Shader > Normal Threshold. Ideally, Toon Edge should remain black.
Timeline > Sample Motion Clip stuffs too many keys into every frame of a Non-standard character motion, which bogs down the system.
Clicking on the Spring > Activate > Off does not turn off the spring effect on the first attempt -one must press the button twice.

文件大小:2.8 GB