Shape Key Manager PRO旨在加速大家的形状关键绑定工作流程,它允许大家复制和/或镜像形状键,同时保持和重新定位其驱动程序。


Shape Key Manger Pro更新日志:

Shape Key Manger Pro UPDATE 1.2:

Parent Child Shape Keys:

This allows you to establish Parent Child relationships between the shape keys in an object. The use of this is for deformation based shape keys. If you have a shape key for the shape of the biceps and forearms when the elbow is fully bent you can have a duplicate of it that uses a vertex group to only effect the left side of the character. Then on the other shape key the vertex group would only effect the right side of the character. With a parent child relationship established you can use the Refresh Relationship operator to push the changes from the parent shape key to the child shape key. 

This allows you to have multiple copies of 1 shape key will only having to edit the parent. Elsewise if you made any changes to the parent you would have to re-setup the child shape keys with the drivers and vertex groups.

Explode Shape Keys into Separate Objects:

This operator allows you to separate every shape key on the object into an individual object.

Apply Vertex Group Weights – This option will apply the weights of the vertex group assigned to the individual shape keys when turning them into individual objects.

Shape Key Manger Pro UPDATE 1.3:

Updated for support in Blender 2.80! Reworked the UI to make it take up less space and have a better order to the options. Removed the Driver Creation Tool as 2.8 natively has some good driver creation tools accessibly from the shape key list.

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