Substance Designer可以创建任何复杂的纹理的好工具,可以在软件中通过视觉设计实时的创建,该程序支持大量图像格式,用于导入和导出图像以供以后处理,SSS强烈推荐学习Substance系列的软件。

从以上的特色图像可以看出,Substance Designer对于未来纹理的编辑效果是显而易见的,关键是他还可以集成到游戏引擎虚幻引擎4,Unity3D,3Ds Max,Maya中去,所有我们利用此软件可以轻松地创建所需要的图像。

Substance Designer 2018.3.1 B1869更新日志


[API] Add SDConnection.getOutputProperty() and SDConnection.getOutputPropertyNode()
[API] Add doc about all resources definitions
[API] Change SDSBSCompNode annotation property ‘visibleif’ to ‘visible_if’ for consistency


[Graph] Hitting the TAB key a second time does not close the Node menu
[Graph] 3D View badges does not work correctly in some situations
[Graph] Read-only packages can be modified
[Bakers] Progress bar acts in a weird manner when loading a very high poly mesh
[Bakers] Artifacts on mesh with in-facing normals
[Bakers] Bakers output and parameters widget can’t be uncollapsed
[Explorer] 3D resources are loaded when a package is opened
[CmdLineArgs] “–news hide_changelog:true” does not work anymore


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