生成并渲染的效果,支持C4D版本: R15, R16, R17, R18, R19, R20


1) Updated Topology: MitchMyers – Iterations. allows choosing between 5 new topology types directly inside MiychMyers topology. (Due to modeling kernel bug in C4D R20.026, this feature is not working correctly. Later Maxon will fix this bug)
2) Updated Topology: NoMoreRender – Epsilon removes random edges.
3) Updated Topology: Silverwing – Epsilon removes random edges.
4) Updated Topology: Chudders – Iterations. Defines a number of repetitions. Keep it under low values or apply it to a single polygon.
5) Updated Topology: KidMoGraph – this topology type now preserves 3d boundaries.
6) Updated Topology: RunningCat – Delta adds random noise.
7) Updated Topology: RockingThePixel – Delta allows choosing between 10 new topology types directly inside RockingThePixel topology.
8) Updated Topology: RockingThePixel – Iterations. Defines a number of repetitions.
9) Random seed value now can randomize patterns.
10) Added support for Cinema 4D R20