出品的时长2小时28分钟的Adobe Encore CS6入门教程。Jeff Sengstack介绍了怎么构建的DVD, Blu-ray光盘,和根据Flash的网页的DVD 。Adobe Encore CS6 作为 Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 必不可少的输出组件,能够进行DVD与蓝光盘编码、刻录,一起又能够独立运转。优异的DVD制造软件Adobe Encore,是世界闻名的图形图像软件Adobe公司推出的Adobe系列产品的主要组成部分。Adobe Encore中含有一整套丰厚的制造东西和很多标准模板,操作灵敏,功能强大,并能直接与Photoshop协同工作,制造出丰厚多彩绚烂耀眼的DVD菜单。

In this course, author Jeff Sengstack shows how to build DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and Flash-based web DVDs in Encore CS6. The course goes step by step through the DVD authoring workflow, from importing assets and working with timelines and slideshows to building custom menus and defining navigation. The course also shares quick and easy methods for linking assets to buttons and details the export process for each output type.

Topics include:
Creating a basic project
Linking dynamically to Premiere Pro and After Effects
Working with menu text and buttons
Defining navigation and using a flowchart
Previewing and testing a project
Burning a DVD or Blu-ray disc or exporting a web DVD

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