Unity Pro是一个非常强大的工具,可以让我们创建自己的可视化游戏,另外在互联网上我们可以找到大量的视频课程,这些课程明显有助于我们一步一步地执行所有必要的操作。

Unity Pro制作的电影预告

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Unity Pro 2018.2.17f1更新日志:

XR: Update Vuforia to version 7.5.26.

Asset Bundles: Fixed Changing addressableNames doesn’t trigger bundle rebuild. (996380)
Editor: Fixed an issue where the camera frustum gizmo would always draw the near clipping plane at world origin. (1084269)
iOS: Fixed a crash when using using static const std::string in Xcode 9. (1050875, 1096815)
Licenses: Fixed an issue where licence activation didn’t work when using the -nographics command line flag. (1043511, 1090055)
Package Manager: Added a warning message if you disable a package and that causes dependencies to also be disabled.
Package Manager: Added information to compiler errors explaining if a package has been disabled as a dependency of another package.
Package Manager: Added information to info messages for disabled components in the inspector explaining if a package has been disabled as a dependency of another package.
Package Manager: Fixed compiler errors having information about missing types from disabled built-in packages when using implicit namespaces and the new scripting runtime. (1084240)
Physics: Improved performance when baking meshes offline. (1075709, 1091429)
Scripting: Fixed an issue where DLL references in mcs.rsp were not processed correctly in Visual Studio. (1085634, 1089141)
Unity Test Runner: Fixed an issue where TearDown and UnityTearDown are skipped for tests that fail due to errors logged with UnityEngine.Log.Error. (1077871)
Universal Windows Platform: Fixed ENABLE_MANAGED_JOBS not being defined when building scripts on IL2CPP scripting backend. (1085045)
Universal Windows Platform: Fixed memory corruption when using burst jobs. (1094198)
Windows: Fixed standalone player crashing on startup on machines where Citrix Workstation is installed. (1082241)