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Unity Pro制作的电影预告

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Unity Pro 2018.3.0f2 Mac更新日志:

Android: Disabled Android TV by default for new projects.
Build Pipeline: If you call BuildPipeline.BuildPlayer while Unity is compiling scripts, Unity now completes compilation before beginning the build process, rather than aborting compilation.
Editor: Removed undocumented behavior where pressing the F key twice in rapid succession would execute Edit > Lock View to Selected instead of Edit > Frame Selected.
iOS: Marked Mono scripting backend as deprecated.
iOS: Unity now distributes iOS and tvOS Simulator players as dynamic libraries (dylib).
Paticles: It is now possible to flip a percentage of mesh particles, in the same way that was previously only possible with billboards.
Particles: The Unlit Particle Standard Shader is now applied by default when creating new Particle Systems.
Windows: The Vulkan editor support on Windows and Linux is no longer experimental. Removed the “Enable Vulkan editor support” checkbox.

2D: Added an option in Sprite Editor to display a Sprite’s pivot position in pixels, and to allow the pivot to snap pixels as it is dragged.
2D: Added Isometric Tilemap support for 2D Tilemap.
2D: Added support for custom axis sorting and Sorting Groups in SRP.
2D: Added the Z Position Editor to the Tile Palette Brush Inspector to allow users to adjust the Z Position of Tiles painted by the Tile Palette Paint Brush. Keyboard shortcuts ‘-‘ and ‘=’ can be used to adjust the Z Position value as well.
AI: It is now faster to unload a Scene that contains a large number of autogenerated OffMeshLinks.
Android: Added support to pass the -d switch to adb install to allow version downgrade.
Android: Added WebCamTexture acceleration for Android 5.0 and later.
Android: Added Start in fullscreen mode checkbox option to player settings, resolution and presentation section. If disabled, app starts in non-immersive mode and the navigation bar is shown. (977660)
Android: APKs are now packed by default using apkzlib. Added Use legacy SDK tools checkbox in player settings to force the use of AAPT and apkbuilder.
Android: Fixed an issue that prevented certain public classes in the Android extensions DLL from appearing in the Unity API reference docs.
Android: Improved the performance of memory stats gathering when the profiler is enabled.
Android: Reduced the build time when building multiple APKs for different CPU architectures. This only affects the internal build system.
Android: Reduced the time it takes to load the Player on Android devices.
Android: Set JAVA_HOME to point to the JDK path set in Unity Editor. (961766)
Android: Updated the version of the Android NDK used by Unity on Android to r16b.
Android: Updated to automatically populate the minimum and target Android API level dropboxes in the Editor.
Animation: Added batched Animator Jobs to avoid scheduling overhead on large amounts of jobs.
Animation: Added Reset functionality to the Animation component. (994291)
Animation: Added shift-click and right-click context menus for adding properties in the Animation window.
Animation: Added IAnimationClipSource interface that lets MonoBehaviour components provide a list of clips to the Animation window.
Animation: Changed the width of the default StateMachine node so that all nodes align vertically.
Animation: Improved animation performance by reducing animator polling for events.
Animation: Improved Animator temporary allocation scheme.
Animation: Improved memory reporting for some animation classes.
Animation: Improved root transformation and root motion in the Animation system.
Animation: Improved the behavior of an Animator. It no longer creates an empty output when the Animator does not have an AnimatorController assigned.
Apple TV: Enabled display of DCI-P3 color gamut for compatible tvOS devices.
Asset Import: Added support for physical camera Gate Fit modes to ModelImporter importCameras property.
Asst Import: Added UseSRGBMaterialColor option in the Model Importer for converting Material Albedo colors. (1033503)
Asst Import: Fixed inconsistency between the UI and the API when using some Model Importer properties.
Asset Import: Improved the SpeedTree Importer to include importing Materials as sub-Assets, and allowing workflows using Material sub-Assets, similar to the ModelImporter.
Asset Import: Improved the UI for the AvatarMask by adding search functionality, allowing multiple selection, keyboard navigation, and enabling using modifier keys to collapse, enable, or disable the entire hierarchy.

Compute: ComputeBuffer.GetData and ComputeBuffer.SetData now throw exceptions when they get bad values for arguments. Unity checks offset and size more strictly (for one argument version, Unity assumes the offset is 0 and the size is the same as that of the container), and compatibility between C# type size and ComputeBuffer stride.

Docs: Expanded the documentation of the SerializedObject class.

Editor: Added a warning when Unity does not load assembly definition file (asmdef) assemblies on startup in cases where the assemblies do not have scripts to compile their asmdef references. Also added a warning when Unity attempts to compile asmdefs that do not have scripts in the Editor. (1041284)