Unity3D是由Unity Technologies开发的一个让玩家轻松创建诸如三维视频游戏、建筑可视化、实时三维动画等类型互动内容的多平台的综合型游戏开发工具,是一个全面整合的专业游戏引擎。



Unity Pro 2019.1 animation rigging
Unity Pro 2019.1 animation rigging


Unity Pro 2019.1 timeline signals
Unity Pro 2019.1 timeline signals

Linux用户将很高兴在这里可以预览兼容版本的Unity Editor。


Unity Pro 2019.1 Megacity
Unity Pro 2019.1 Megacity


2019.1.6f1 Release Notes

System Requirements Changes

Nothing changed.


  • XR: Updated Vuforia to version 8.1.11.


  • Animation: Fixed Bezier curve segments conversion to Hermite when evaluating Animation Curves with weighted tangents. (1124522, 1143423)
  • Asset Import: Fixed alpha transparency enabling itself in import settings. (1117308, 1150834)
  • Asset Import: Fixed assetBundle.LoadAsset returning null when the .asset bundle file is in the same folder as all its assets. (1140186, 1156153)
  • Editor: Fixed calling FrameTimingManager.GetVSyncsPerSecond() crashing the Editor. (1148335, 1152183)
  • Editor: Fixed several Inspector window layouting issues. (1134112, 1155406)
  • Editor: Fixed Sorting Groups were not properly displayed in the Inspector Window. (1148706, 1155408)
  • Editor: Fixed XR SDK list custom options collapsing when selected without pressing the drop down arrow. (1142001, 1147078)
  • Graphics: Fixed hang during shutdown which could happen when running C# Jobs within a ScriptableRenderPipeline. (1142765, 1152343)
  • IL2CPP: Corrected handling of exceptions in some try/finally situations. (1136256, 1152171)
  • IL2CPP: Fixed a performance issue with lumped builds.
  • IL2CPP: Fixed AppleTlsProvider error on iOS when Strip Engine Code is enabled caused by incorrectly falling back to AppleTlsProvider. (1134343, 1154766)
  • IL2CPP: Handled the this reference passed to a method via an in parameter. (1143749, 1148116)
  • Input: Fixed a button on knuckles controller not reporting. (1143824, 1143825)
  • OpenGL: Fixed Video Player Leaks GfxDriver Memory. (1136233, 1148734)
  • Package Manager: Fixed issues with samples display overlaps. (1140326, 1142540)
  • Particles: Added error when calling Gradient.Evalute with a NaN. (1147106, 1154410)
  • Particles: Ensure Force Fields belonging to disabled Game Objects do not affect any Particle Systems. (1149364, 1154411)
  • Particles: Ensure particle trails start from exact particle spawning position. (1147999, 1154408)
  • Particles: Ensured curve previews are updated when pasting component values. (972302, 1154414)
  • Particles: Fixed a crash when a Particle System destroys itself with stop action “Destroy”. (1147642, 1154409)
  • Particles: Fixed an assert in debug builds due to invalid sampling of an Animation Curve in a rare edge case. (1111257, 1154412)
  • Particles: Fixed flickering sub-emitter trails if sub-emitter particles are cleared before Particle System finishes playing. (1146677, 1154407)
  • Particles: Fixed the jitter when updating position in LateUpdate and using Custom Simulation Space. (1149016, 1154406)
  • Particles: Fixed the glitches when rendering trails and using Custom Simulation Space together. (1092072, 1154413)
  • SceneManager: Fixed Scene view skybox toggle not working in Prefab Mode if no Prefab editing environment scene is specified. (1153083, 1154310)
  • SceneManager: Fixed Skybox and lighting for Prefab Mode environment scenes not working correctly. This requires the lighting settings of the environment scene to have Auto Bake disabled. (1112978, 1146200)
  • Scripting: Fixed an issue where references to UnityEditor.iOS.Xcode might not be added to Visual Studio project files (1129177, 1153081)
  • Scripting Upgrade: Fixed AssemblyUpdater.exe failing silently if Unity is installed to a path with spaces (1154131, 1154969)
  • Timeline: Fixed copying a Control Clip during play mode throwing exceptions. (1141581, 1150614)
  • Timeline: Fixed director controls being disabled in subtimelines. (1133836, 1151217)
  • Timeline: Fixed invalid assets in the Timeline Clipboard not being cleared when going into or out of PlayMode. (1144473, 1150593)
  • Timeline: Fixed issue where a Signal Emitter placed at the start of a timeline would be fired twice. (1149653, 1150586)
  • Timeline: Fixed issue where an exception was thrown when clicking on a SignalEmitter with the Timeline window in asset mode. (1146261, 1150595)
  • Timeline: Fixed issue where the Emit Signal property on a Signal Emitter would not get saved correctly. (1148709, 1150600)
  • Timeline: Fixed playhead being drawn above bottom scrollbar. (1134016, 1150608)
  • Timeline: Fixed resizing timeline window affecting its zoom value. (1147150, 1150589)
  • Timeline: Fixed Signal Asset creation dialog throwing exceptions when canceled on macOS. (1141959, 1150602)
  • Timeline: Fixed snap relaxing not responding to Command on Mac, instead of Control. (1149144, 1150611)
  • Timeline: Fixed timeline not being played correctly when building a player with Mono and Managed Stripping Level set higher than Low. (1133182, 1150583)
  • UI: Fixed performance issue with CanvasGroup getting notifications all the time. (1149387, 1153402)
  • UI Elements: Fixed PropertyField layouting issue with vector data types. (1145908, 1155409)
  • UI Elements: Fixed UIElements not rendering on OpenGL Core 4.3 and 4.4. (1146281, 1146291)
  • Version Control: Fixed Script Execution Order inspector “Apply” button in some cases throwing errors under Perforce. (1153207, 1153406)
  • XR: Fixed source state assert if there are no source states to get in Windows MR Gesture Recognizer. (1152462, 1156185)

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