The Corgi Engine是团结的最完整的平台解决方案,这是一个紧凑的(非物理为基础的控制),你的游戏角色控制器,它非常快,工作在桌面上,移动,和任何你想要的,包装的功能和不断更新,这是最好的工具来创建2D和2.5D游戏或你想玩的游戏!


unity3d-2d-25d-platformer-corgi-engine-2016-8 01

2D 引擎包含:

  • A tight 2D character controller for your player, complete with collision detection, slope handling, movement, jumps, double jumps (and as many more jumps as you like), ladders, dangling, jetpack, machine gun, dash (horizontal and vertical), running, crawling, looking up, down, and more. Easy to control and tweak via the inspector to create your very own character. The game comes packed with different examples to get you started, along with video tutorials and a complete documentation.
  • Packed with content, the asset is filled with more than 12 demo levels, and provides you with all you need : 200+ ready to use, handcrafted visual assets (and that you can actually use, not just placeholder art), 100+ optimized scripts, and tons of ready for production prefabs. – Basic enemy or friendly AIs behaviors (hurt the player, follow, don’t fall from platforms, shoot on sight, flip…)
  • Camera and 2D parallax management, with tons of options : camera zoom, parallax speed, direction…
  • Everything you need to create your levels : moving platforms, jumpers, cannons, destructible crates, trees, ladders, wind, water bodies, ice, treadmills, mud and more.
  • Dialogue engine : a basic yet robust dialogue system, to add life to your NPCs!
  • Hundreds of visual assets (platforms, trees, playable characters, levels, particle effects, animations, enemies…) ready to use in your 2D or 3D platformer
  • Mobile controls that work everywhere – The whole codebase is heavily documented, and everything’s coded to be as easy to customize as possible. Creating your own 2D platformer has never been this fun!

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