Wire v0.2.1 For 2017-2018可以在Autodesk Maya快速轻松地创建内部曲线上构建的电线,电缆,管道,色带,绳索和其他形状,只需创建一个NURBS曲线,将其选中并调用Maya 创建> Wire 工具菜单下的wireMeshFromCurve命令(也适用于选定的多条曲线)。

Wire v0.2.1 For 2017-2018 can quickly and easily create wires, cables, pipes, ribbons, ropes, and other shapes on the internal curve in Autodesk Maya. Simply create a NURBS curve, select it, and call Maya Create> WireMeshFromCurve command under Wire Tools menu (also applies to the selected curve).

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