Admin Columns让你在几分钟内创建完美的列屏幕。这里有伟大的特性,使得Admin Columns建设者最强大的列····

超过60000人在使用Admin Columns Pro创建···


  • 闪电快速编辑
  • 整理你的内容
  • 过滤器每一列
  • 创建多个列集
  • 分类列
  • 导入导出
  • 多点列


Release Date: April 29th, 2016

[Fixed] Hotfix. Admin Columns core version 2.5.6 did not display the stored column settings, which is now hotfixed.
[Improved] Column set menu will display the selected role and user (only single) in the description
[Improved] Renamed the label from “Column Set” to “Column View” on the posts screen
[Fixed] There was a possibility that a layout was loaded that didn’t belong to the current user
[Fixed] User roles will sort correctly when a user has custom capabilities assigned
[Updated] German language is 100% translated, big thanks to Björn Scheppler
[Updated] Admin Columns core to v2.5.6
[Fixed] Row actions are now only added to the first column when the primary column isn’t available
[Fixed] The true/false field option for the Custom Field column will display a cross icon when the value is empty or zero


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