Admin Menu Editor Pro 支持帮助你定制WordPress管理菜单,以更好地满足您的或你的客户的需求···


  • 组织管理菜单中使用一个简单的拖放界面。
  • 根据用户的角色显示/隐藏菜单,功能或用户名。
  • 改变菜单标题、访问权限、URL、图标等等。
  • 导入和导出菜单配置。
  • 创建新菜单项。
  • 设置菜单项打开一个新窗口或IFrame。
  • 拖拽顶级子菜单项,或者反过来。
  • 物品移动到不同的子菜单。
  • 在菜单设置使用短码。
  • WordPress支持多站点/ WPMU。


2.2.1 (2016-04-12)
Added a “Colors” button that lets you set the default color scheme for all admin menus at once.
Added a few more menu icons.
Added basic support for the special “customize” and “delete_site” meta capabilities.

Fixed a “deprecated constructor” warning on sites running PHP 7.
Fixed a bug that prevented menu items with an empty slug (i.e. no URL) from showing up.
Fixed a bug where collapsing submenu properties would flag the “Icon URL” field as having a custom value even if you hadn’t actually changed it.
Fixed a rare WPML conflict that sometimes caused the admin menu to use a mix of different languages.
Improved compatibility with buggy plugins and themes that throw JavaScript errors in their DOM-ready handlers.
Renamed jquery.cookie.js to jquery.biscuit.js as a workaround for servers with overly aggressive ModSecurity configuration. Apparently, some servers block access to any URL that contains the text “.cookie”.
Added a compatibility workaround for the DW Question & Answer plugin. The hidden “Welcome”, “Changelog” and “Credits” menu items should no longer show up when you activate AME.
Added locking to reduce the risk of triggering a race condition when saving menu settings.

Added tabs to the settings page: “Admin Menu” and “Settings”. These tabs replace the heading buttons that were previously used to switch between the menu editor and general plugin settings.
Tested up to WordPress 4.5-RC1.

Demo: Demo

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